Shopper Retail Insight (SRI) uses video analytics to understand the movement and actions and shoppers when they are in retail spaces. SRI works with many of the world's best brand owners and retailers delivering unique insight about shopper behaviour.

Real World Results

Technology is enabling market research to refocus on what people actually do rather than what they say that they did? There is increasing scepticism about the results of surveys, questionnaires and other traditional market research techniques because they rely on retrospective recall. When a shopper completes a questionnaire or survey they may be consciously or sub-consciously giving the information they think the surveyor wants to hear or they may simply recall things incorrectly.

Technology Led

Shopper Retail Insight uses video technology to understand shopper behaviour based on detailed observations of thousands of your shoppers. The information we provide is quantitative, detailed and reveals the true picture of how customers are behaving. Rigorous processing methods and analysis routines deliver insights that enable you to optimise your store layout, products, marketing activity and promotion.

Shopper Retail Insight

Ventureaxis developed Shopper Retail Insight in 2011 to apply the knowledge and expertise gained in the world of professional sports to the retail environment. After success with some early pilots SRI was created as a distinct business unit with its own website and management team. For more information please visit -